Thinking Hand Video
an award winning company
est 1988
Thinking   Hand   Video    is   a   small   independent production    company    established    by    award winning     furniture     designer     maker     Jeremy Broun   in   1988   in   his   desire   to   communicate the   wealth   of   ideas   in   his   chosen   field   and   to   a broader audience. In        striving    to    promote    his    own    innovative furniture    Jeremy    was    aware    that    exhibitions that   are   infrequent   and   rare   opportunities   for the   public   to   see   the   best   work   of   today,   are silent   places   where   just   the   name   and   price tag are given to a largely uninformed public. With   the   demise   of   the   Practical   Arts   in   ours schools    there    is    a    need    to    keep    valuable traditions    alive,    to    pass    on    the    ideas    and knowledge   that   could   so   easily   be   lost.   THV   is unique     in     independently     and     with     limited resources   creating   documentary   films   together with instructional DVDs and CD-Roms.   
instructional and documentary films
Thinking   Hand   Video   has received     support          from The     Crafts     Council     of Great    Britain    and    Hitachi    Power    Tools UK     and     offers     a     service     for     short promotional videos. From   time   to   time   Jeremy   offers   valuable work   experience   to   young   people   hoping to   enter   the   media   industry.   One   such sixth   form   student   went   on   to   gain   a   job as a researcher at the BBC. For   a   unique   range   of   instructional   and educational     videos     and     other     media please click here.  
Having   been   turned   down   by   six   film   schools Jeremy   decided   to   teach   himself   and   sold   his house    to    raise    capital    for    video    production equipment.   He   went   on   to   win   two   national awards   for   Five   Ways   to   Fashion   Wood   and So You Call That a Dovetail!  videos. He    worked    for    a    few    days    with    HTV    West broadcast    director    Trevor    Hill    and    gained valuable   experience.   He   has   also   presented contemporary     furniture     on     a     late     night television arts programme. 
Thinking   Hand   Video    aims to inform and inspire
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