the fusion of our oldest sustainable natural resource WOOD with modern technology
a truly modern hand-made sculptural  artefact for your foyer,  office or apartment, embracing functionality with the warmth and restful tactile quality of wood. The best deserve the best.
Jeremy Broun is one of the UK’s most innovative furniture artists. Spanning five decades his work includes selling at Sotheby’s,  making benches for the Roman Baths and for British Royalty.  
You can purchase something truly individual that really stands out! Some items for sale can be viewed locally - just 10 mins walk from Canary Wharf.   Other artefacts can be specially commissioned.  Please contact Jeremy Broun
Some of the above artefacts can be viewed by prior appointment at Jeremy Broun’s London base which is just under 700m from Canada Square in Canary Wharf. This is a 10 minute walk from the commercial hub of Canary Wharf at E14 9RX. Please telephone Jeremy Broun on 07963 591650 or 01225 332738.               
Jeremy Broun is an award winning designer maker and woodworking author with the release of The Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques Revised Edition due in September 2018. A Quarto design published by Searchpress
 8. Universal Clock  A ball and pedestal sculptural clock in an exotic wood. 24” high. Ideal for the company director’s desk. £1200. To commission.                                                                       
1. Man And Nature Table. One of four tables originally designed by Jeremy Broun who used an ash tree given to him by Royal Botanic Kew Gardens from The Great Storm of 1987 (one of five makers). 48” long  £2,300. View in London.                                                                                       
4. Caterpillar Rocker 1 Made from birch plywood with ash slats. Coated with a stone finish.  For interior use. £2,250. London view.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
 3. Rope Easy Chair Made from ash, grey-stained and featuring Jeremy Broun’s novel 1973 upholstery technique -  polyester-terylene black “hemp” woven upholstery.  £2,100. View in London.                                                                                                                                   
 7. High Backed Rocker Made in ash. Jeremy Broun’s trademark classic design of 1973 and over 300 sold worldwide. £2,200.  Early examples appearing in the auction houses. View in Bath/to commission.                                                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                                                                              2. Caterpillar Rocker 2  Made from Brazilian pine plywood and designed in 2018 and exhibited at ‘Hand of the maker’ in SW1.  £2,500.  30” high. Matt lacquer. Sheer sculpture. View in London. 
 5. Starwars Computer Desk Kevasinga veneer with ebonised maple lippings, this computer laptop design combines cabinetry with airplane construction.   £4,000. View in Bath.                                                                                         
6. Corner Drinks Cabinet  Originally sold at Sotheby’s First Sale of Contemporary British Crafts in 1980, this is cabinet no 4 in maple. An iconic design. £4,300. View in Bath.                                                                                             
CONTACT e: t: 01225 332738
Copyright Jeremy Broun 1973-2015

sculpture and cabinetry

THE STARWARS COMPUTER DESK 1997 Made from Kevasinga veneer with ebonised maple lippings this laptop computer desk combines aircraft construction with cabinetry
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teach Jeremy Broun is a seasoned lecturer having taught at Bristol Polytechnic, Goldsmiths College, Rycotewood College, The furniture College in Ireland and at the SouthWest Finland Institute of Art, Craft & Design. He has taught intensive private courses and shares his vast knowledge in his published books, DVDs, e-books and on a flourishing YouTube channel


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